About Charlotte

Charlotte Lindley, MS - Founder of Signature Style Image ConsultingCharlotte Lindley, M.S.,brings a unique blend of education, professional and personal experiences that underscore her passion for helping men and women develop their Signature Style. 

She describes Signature Style as the message each of us communicates to the world that tells others who we are from the outside-in.

Charlotte’s own Signature Style is energetic, athletic, polished and engaged in living life fully.  She communicates her message by taking pride in her personal appearance, energetic body language, confidence and interest in others.

She received her M.S. from Oklahoma State in the area of human behavior.  She worked in the field for several years but felt she needed a more artistic outlet and became a partner in a reproduction antique doll business for the next 20 years.  During this time she studied facial symmetry, color, fine fabrics and the importance details and “special touches” make in creating quality branding.

In 2007, Charlotte decided to pursue her passion in helping adults interested in looking their best and feeling confident that they are communicating the first impression they want to make.  She obtained certification in Life and Relationship Coaching as well as Image Consulting.  Helping clients develop Signature Style requires more than expertise in color, wardrobe management and style; it involves self-awareness and clarity in life vision and having a roadmap for success.

When not helping clients realize their Signature Style, she is training for endurance events.  Her philosophy for staying young is to commit to new challenges; both physical and mental.  A marathon runner for 37 years, Strength and Conditioning Coach since 1997,  started Adventure Racing at 50 and ultra-distance trail running at 55…finishing her first 100 mile event in 2010.  What’s next?

Charlotte is “a lady with a passion for beautiful things who doesn’t mind getting dirty.”