Closet Detox

Signature Style Closet Detox

For many, it is difficult to let go of anything in the closet. You may never wear it… it doesn’t fit… but you spent money on it… it was a gift… you can’t just throw it away.

The first step to building a wardrobe that expresses your style is to organize your closet and give the pieces that you aren’t going to wear to someone that will use them. After organizing, identify your foundational pieces… the ones you can build around.

Hopefully, you have engaged in color analysis so you know what your best neutrals and accent colors are.  Are those colors in your closet? If you had a style analysis you know what pieces have the shape, fit and proportion that flatter your body.

Armed with all this knowledge and organization you are ready to build your pieces into some great looks.

Once you have a closet that works for you… shopping gets easier.  You can shop with a plan saving time and money!!!

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