Style Analysis

Signature Style ConsultingIn order to look outstanding in your clothing, you need to understand style.

The 4 components of style are:

You have a color palette that will enhance your face.  The colors that flatter your face will be determined by your skin-tone, eye color and hair color. 

Body shape is determined by your skeletal frame not your weight.  There are 4 figure shapes: Straight, Slightly curvy, Curvy, and full figure.  Understanding the styles that flatter your shape is important to looking your best.

Your body takes up a certain amount of space.  You may be described as petite, average, tall, tiny, small, amazon or “just right”.  Whatever your size or scale, there are fabrics, lines, textures, patterns, accessories and proportions that will enhance your assets and camouflage your flaws.

Generally speaking, the clothes you wear reflect your personality and lifestyle.  Personality types can be broken down into 6 styles:  Natural, Classic, Dramatic, Creative, Romantic/Feminine and European.  You may crossover in styles depending on your lifestyle; but one will dominant.

What is your style?  What do you need to learn to enhance your style?  For more information, please call 918-706-8780 or send an email to