Color Analysis

Signature Style Color Consulting

Do you notice that you feel more confident and receive more compliments when you wear certain colors?   

With color analysis, you will learn what your “best” colors are and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe to your best advantage.  

If you had your colors done years ago, you’ll want to know that color analysis is no longer four seasons based on cool or warm undertones in the skin.  Many of us have a neutral skin-tone and only 20% actually fit the description of a “true season.” 

Now, we recognize 12 seasons or color palettes that consider three things: hue or color, chroma or purity of color, and value which is the lightness vs. darkness of a color.  Color analysis is based on skin-tone, the color of the eyes and hair color.

Often there is conflicting information within skin-tone, eyes and hair.  That means most of us can be described as moving between seasons.   

Everyone can wear every color; it just needs to be in the right value (light vs. dark) and intensity (muted vs. clear). 

There is also the consideration of subjective color; colors you love and feel good in.  Your personality is another element that defines your color palette.

If you’re interested in knowing what your best colors are, send me an email at or give me a call at 918-706-8780!